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                                               Ace Your Tennis Game with Acupuncture
by Guan-Yuan Jin,

which is the First Place winner of the 2014 Because It Works video contest held by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)




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The International Institute of Holistic Medicine (IIHM) is a non-profit organization registered in WI, U.S.A that is dedicated to education and research in the fields of systems, integrative and holistic medicine.  IIHM has been leading the way in the advancement of modern medicine including TCM since the early 1990's, and has formed a formidable TCM Expert Panel and Academic Advisory Committee consisting of many prestigious and renowned TCM doctors, professors and scientists worldwide.

Over the years, IIHM has completed a series of breakthrough scientific studies at the forefront of TCM, all while producing over a dozen influential publications that drew highest praises from our peers. From Oct. 20-22, 2007, the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) held an international conference celebrating its 20th anniversary in Beijing. As one of the world's pioneers in systems theory and contemporary medical acupuncture, Dr. Jin, the president of IIHM was invited to co-chaired the Forum of Contemporary Acupuncture Mechanisms and Meridian Research with a system biology theme, that sparkled a high volume of interest from attendants.

Besides, as a non-profit organization, IIHM has been committed to raise the public awareness of TCM, Through our efforts, in 2004, proclamations were issued by the city governments across the state of Wisconsin, including the Governor of WI, declaring every Oct. 24 to be “Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine” (AOM) Day and every last Sat of each April to be WTCQD (World Tai Chi and Qigong Day).

≡ Latest News of IIHM ≡
Because It Works - NCCAOM Video Contest in 2014
New Approach: Homeostatic Acupuncture Formulated by Dr. Jin
Dr. Jin Was Honored to Be One of NIH Research Grant Reviewers
Dr.Jin's Online Lecture at Webnar hosted by Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine
Dr. Jin's Lecture at Huzhou, PRC in Summer of 2013
Dr. Jin's Latest Book "Wellness in Sickness" Published in Beijing
Dr. Jin Presented a Keynote Speech at the 2013 Beijing Forum of Systems Medicine
Dr. Jin's Another Book "The Spell of Hypertension" Published in 2011
NCCAOM -approved PDA Courses provided by IIHM
Celebrating AOM Day in Wisconsin
≡ Index of Book Reviews ≡
In this book, most theories and principles proposed by the authors are creative and convincing.
By Feng LING, MD
The “Whole Body Reflex Zones”, a unique term originally coined by the authors.
By Frances Talaska Fischbach, RN, BSN, MSN
An outstanding book compared to its counterparts on acupuncture
By Dr. Xuemin Shi
A Historical Milestone in Evidence-based Acupuncture Medicine
By Yun-tao Ma, PhD
This book will significantly advance the clinical practice of acupuncture
By Shi-Jiang LI, PhD
The birth of the book fully reflects Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s unique background, working expertise, and ways of thinking
By Kuishan ZHENG, OMD
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture – A Systems Approach is a breakthrough
By ZHAO, Shensheng, PhD
≡ New Publications of IIHM ≡
Cosmetic Facial Acupressure
(Professioner Version)

by: IIHM
Cosmetic Facial Acupressure
(Home Version)

by: IIHM
Eight-Section Brocade
by: IIHM
Palm Qigong
by: IIHM
Tai-Chi Fan
by: IIHM
Circulation Qigong
by: IIHM
Tai-Chi Chuan
by: IIHM
Fragrance Qigong
by: IIHM
Chinese Food Therapy-3
by: IIHM
Chinese Food Therapy-2
by: IIHM
Chinese Food Therapy-1
by: IIHM
Energy Qigong
by: IIHM
Slim Qigong
by: IIHM
Relax Qigong
by: IIHM
Self Acupressure Therapy
by: IIHM
NEW Laminated Whole Body Reflex Zones Handy Reference Chart
by: GY Jin, JJ Xiang & Louis Jin
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day T-Shirt
by: Amber Zheng
Elmbrook Breath
by: GY Jin, Amber Zheng & Louis Jin
Whole Body Reflex Zones
by: GY Jin, JJ Xiang & Louis Jin
Self-Healing with Chinese Medicine
by: GY Jin, JJ Xiang & Louis Jin
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NCCAOM Video Contest in 2014


First Place Winner:

Ace Your Tennis Game with Acupuncture by Dr. Jin

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Systems Approach
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