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The birth of the book fully reflects Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s unique background, working expertise, and ways of thinking
By Kuishan ZHENG, OMD

Acupuncture is a valuable heritage of Chinese Medicinal culture. It has characteristics such as having a long history, a complete theoretical basis, ease of clinical operation, as well as being the most cost-effective therapy available. Gradually, it has become widely accepted and recognized over time and become transpired internationally. Indeed, it has made active contributions in promoting the overall well being of humankind.

However, to further enhance the effectiveness of therapy and integrate it with contemporary medicine, classical acupuncture needs further development and innovation. This book authored by Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, his wife, and his son is such a trial. Applying concepts from the perspective of holistic reflex, this book institutes a new vision into the classical therapy of acupuncture as well as theory of meridians. It concludes that the meridians are systems of physiological and pathological reflexes in the body, while acupuncture therapy is actually a type of reflexotherapy and creates a link between ancient oriental therapy and contemporary medicine for their integration. The publication of this book is a major contribution to medical acupuncture by the authors, as well as a blessing to the advancement of the field.  I hope this book will promote the development of various subjects of acupuncture therapy while presenting new ideas and having a long-lasting impact on the entire field of medical acupuncture.

The birth of the book (Contemporary Medical Acupuncture) fully reflects Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s unique background, working expertise, and ways of thinking. Born and raised in a scientist’s family, he was influenced at an early age by his father, Prof. Song-Shou Jin, a renowned Chemist. By learning diligently, he apprenticed under many famous acupuncture masters and gained solid foundations in traditional techniques of acupuncture. In addition, he obtained special rigorous training in Western medicine, especially accumulated deep attainments under the field of Neurophysiology. Actively engaged in modern scientific research on the mechanisms of acupuncture and acupuncture anesthesia, Dr. Jin possesses a profound knowledge of both TCM and Western medicine. He also has a rich clinical expertise of acupuncture practice for many years, including over two decades of practice in China and more than a decade of practice in the USA. These kinds of integration between TCM and Western medicine, scientific research and clinical expertise, plus his background on scientific methodology, make him a qualified authority with full capability of clarifying the medical acupuncture systemically and scientifically through this book.

In this book, the content is comprehensive and refreshing, the presenting structure is pedagogical and logical, the data is detailed and accurate, tables and graphs often accompany the text, the writing is smooth and clear, and its recommended methods are simple and practical. There is no doubt that the publication of this authoritative book will promote the development of medical acupuncture, enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy, and have a profound influence on the academic exchange between Eastern and Western medicine. It will certainly be a useful reference for anyone engaged in academic study, scientific research, and clinic practice with acupuncture.

Personally, I have a master-apprentice relationship with Dr. Jin. I am grateful to see that he has finally completed this masterpiece for publication. His work is based on inheriting the meridian theory of TCM as well as citing numerous scientific references through many years of research. Because this book can significantly benefit our fellow acupuncturists and is advantageous for developing the field of medical acupuncture, I am honored to provide a foreword for this book.

* Prof. ZHENG, Kuishan, OMD: Honorary Chairman, Dept of Acupuncture at Ganshu College of TCM; Honorary President of Ganshu Acupuncture Society; Board member and Advisor for the Chapter of Needling Techniques, China Association of Acupuncture; Honorary President of Ganshu Association for Researching Zheng’s Needling Techniques.

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The birth of the book fully reflects Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s unique background, working expertise, and ways of thinking
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