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The Art & Science of Acupuncture
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     TASA (The Art & Science of Acupuncture) is a revolutionary guidebook that perfectly blends cartoon-style illustrations with simple yet scientific text to create an informative environment for the laypersons or healthcare professionals to learn the innerworkings of acupuncture and how to select the right acupuncturist. The 40 pages of the booklet contains a chockfull of  information and is perfect for start-up acupuncturists to grow their practice by dispensing them at expos, fairs, lectures and seminars.


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In this book, most theories and principles proposed by the authors are creative and convincing.
By Feng LING, MD
The “Whole Body Reflex Zones”, a unique term originally coined by the authors.
By Frances Talaska Fischbach, RN, BSN, MSN
An outstanding book compared to its counterparts on acupuncture
By Dr. Xuemin Shi
A Historical Milestone in Evidence-based Acupuncture Medicine
By Yun-tao Ma, PhD
This book will significantly advance the clinical practice of acupuncture
By Shi-Jiang LI, PhD
The birth of the book fully reflects Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s unique background, working expertise, and ways of thinking
By Kuishan ZHENG, OMD
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture – A Systems Approach is a breakthrough
By ZHAO, Shensheng, PhD