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Contemporary Medical Acupuncture: A Systems Approach
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A Milestone in Acupuncture History

An Innovation of Traditional Wisdom

An Ultimate Integration of East-West Medicine


This book aims to bridge the gap between classical acupuncture and contemporary medicine to achieve their ultimate integration. Outstanding features of the book are its innovative developments about theories and techniques of clinical acupuncture, a novel systems approach, and scores of case studies. Based on evidence-based reviews, the meridians are actually systems of physiological and pathological reflexes in the body, and acupuncture therapy is a type of reflexotherapy. The systems methodology, together with Dr. Jin’s clinical expertise of 40 years, is applied to raise the reproducibility of effectiveness in treating various indications of acupuncture, especially intractable cases. It is an advanced, practical, and indispensable resource for any acupuncturist interested in sharpening clinical skills, as well as an essential and comprehensive text for medical doctors and other healthcare professionals who desire to learn the essence of medical acupuncture and integrate it into their general practice.

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Index of Book Reviews
In this book, most theories and principles proposed by the authors are creative and convincing.
By Feng LING, MD
The “Whole Body Reflex Zones”, a unique term originally coined by the authors.
By Frances Talaska Fischbach, RN, BSN, MSN
An outstanding book compared to its counterparts on acupuncture
By Dr. Xuemin Shi
A Historical Milestone in Evidence-based Acupuncture Medicine
By Yun-tao Ma, PhD
This book will significantly advance the clinical practice of acupuncture
By Shi-Jiang LI, PhD
The birth of the book fully reflects Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s unique background, working expertise, and ways of thinking
By Kuishan ZHENG, OMD
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture – A Systems Approach is a breakthrough
By ZHAO, Shensheng, PhD